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On this page, you will find some examples of translations I have done
over the last years.

If you would like some information about other translation projects I have done recently
in the areas of business communication, market surveys or press releases,
just contact me!

Projects (selection)

Brochures on Brazilian law
Antitrust, environmental, corporate, real estate and tax law, industrial property

Investment Guide Brazil
Guidelines for foreign investors with information on relevant legislation
(including procurement law and insolvency law)

Export Guide Brazil
Legal framework regulating exports to Brazil as well as foreign investments,
customs clearance and import regulations, trade shows, public procurement,
public-private partnerships

Analysis of the Brazilian Agricultural Sector
Overview of production, agricultural policy and agrarian reform, environmental
protection, plant diseases and livestock epidemics, plant protection products
and fertilizers, agricultural research

Survey on the Brazilian Market for Paper Shredders and Stack Cutters
Market overview and trends, growth forecast, competitor analysis, distribution
channels, import barriers, trade shows, market development strategies

Labor Shortage in Brazil
Structure of the education system, overview of the labor market,
vocational training, labor law

Revista Brasil-Alemanha
Bilingual monthly magazine on the bilateral relations between Brazil and Germany

Von Brasilien überzeugt
A book on the role of German companies in Brazil's economy

Automobile Guide Latin America
Guidelines on investing in the Latin American automobile market,
including the applicable legal framework

Technology Transfer Brazil-Germany
Technology and innovation in Brazil, bilateral cooperation
and legal framework

Revista da Praia do Forte
Magazine on an eco-resort in Brazil's Northeast

Security in Brazil
Overview of security issues and guidelines for the protection
of persons and company assets